Cognitive Politics

Progressive Communications meet Cognitive Science

Progressive Communications meet Cognitive Science

American politics is dividing into red and blue, but not based on income or any simple self-interest. Cognitive scientists are learning ever more about what divides us -- discovering psychological makeups that lead to different politics and growing divisions. Cognitive Politics helps advocates of compassionate and hopeful politics to listen and to be heard across that divide.

Download a PDF of the book FREE for Thanksgiving. It's pre-publication and being edited, but quite readable. I hope you'll sign up for the occasional newsletter (below), and if you like the book please come back and buy a copy for a friend. If you love it, please review it on Amazon (after official publication). Thanks!

Cognitive Politics is not yet available for sale. At this stage, early readers willing to give feedback are incredibly helpful. If you believe progressives need to rework their messaging, your input is welcome. Please request a copy of the book:

Workshops & Readings

Stephen Cataldo is available for readings or to lead workshops based on Cognitive Politics. Learn more or contact me. Want to host one?


Cognitive Politics provides a foundation in a new way of approaching politics. This website applies those approaches issue by issue. Use it as a reference -- and contribute back -- when you want your discussions to change minds.