Separation of the Righteous

Creating high standards, and making sure that no one is welcome unless they are truly righteous. This is an electoral anti-strategy commonly used by the left, the opposite of the big tent. Instead of looking for ways to connect with people who don't accept the full suite, it is looking for ways to declare yourself (usually on social media) as better than them. It generally is also anti-education: I don't want to talk with you unless you accept my most challenging ideas, which I shouldn't have to talk to you about. The end goal is to be right, and the other person proven wrong — an electoral anti-strategy.

Scapegoating youth and misplaced anger: a bad week for adults.

This quote speaks true to me. It seems accurate and eloquent, calling out a true phenomena we are seeing: To much of this country, black lives don't matter, while mistaken accusations against white kids are the apocalypse. The parents who watch black children get shot without lifting a finger, now freak out that all the kids from Covington High are called racists on a day where only some of them were caught, that day, in clear acts of contempt.